Following some satisfactory testing this morning, we’re nearly ready to go live with the website design. In the next few minutes, we will switch over the web server to the public, so watch surrey.ac.uk for the change.

Please check through the site and let us know if you spot any problems. There are still a number of tweaks to be made, many of which will be done today or early next week, but it’s possible that we’ve missed something, so please do tell us about anything that seems broken.

Thank you again for your feedback and patience while we’ve been making this change.

Once we go live, normal Rhythmyx publishing should be resumed. We’re currently experiencing some issues with publishing times, but we’ve fixed a number of errors, so we’ll run a full publish this evening and see how that goes.

I appreciate that it’s been inconvenient not to be able to publish to the website for the last few days, and I’m really grateful for your patience, but any changes made prior to Wednesday evening should very soon be live.

If there’s anything urgent that you need published, please email [email protected] and we’ll try to sort that out today.

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After a frantic week of bug fixing, testing, reviewing and tweaking, we’re almost ready for the new website design to go public. Continue reading »

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In the preview site, we had a problem with the feed readers that appear on some department homepages, such as Physics.

This was caused by a conflict between different JavaScript libraries. I’ve now fixed it and published out a couple of test pages – Physics and Politics. Other pages will remain broken until we re-publish the site.

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Yesterday it was pointed out that pages with multiple banner images were looking a bit strange.  I’ve now fixed the problem, but we’ll need to publish the pages again before the change appears on the preview site. Continue reading »

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Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the preview of the new website designs. We’ve had a great response, with some really good points, all of which have been logged and will be worked on this week.

One recurring problem was to do with the behaviour of the dropdown menus at the top of the page. I eventually tracked this down to a conflict with the feedback button. This should now be resolved, and I’m very grateful to everyone who pointed this out and then re-tested it for me once a fix was put in place.

Keep the feedback coming!

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From Monday 30 January to Wednesday 1 February 2012, we’re giving you the opportunity to preview the updated University of Surrey website designs before they go live during the following week. Continue reading »

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PS check out his awesome band site – Lorraine

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Surrey web developers marked blue beanie day on 30 Nov in support of web standards.

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We’ve produced a new standalone minisite for the Shape Your Surrey student survey, which you can see here: http://www.shapeyoursurrey.org

The site is integrated with a number of interactive QR codes placed on advertising around the University, the idea being that each QR code links to a separate background theme relevant to the source poster. Check out one variant here, Continue reading »

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The Forever Surrey website has been redesigned with the new layout, new promotional features, and a new page template with gallery of video and images. The site has the new caption ‘For alumni, friends and supporters ’. The right-hand navigational area is also changed to enhance its performance functionally and visually. 


Hopefully the new design would improve the user experience. Thanks to the project team for their hard-work and efforts.

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