Again this week I have been continuing with PCR and gels for various studies.

I have been testing samples from the study previously described looking for the competency of the cat flea as a vector. In this study Bartonella henselae is used as the infectious agent and to see if the fleas have passed it from one animal to the next. This means that all of the positive results we get should be B.henselae positive. However, for a few of the samples I have tested I received positives for Bartonella koehlerae, they also can back from sequencing as B. koehlerae. This means that somewhere during the experiment contamination with B. koehlerae has occurred. If this is the case it means that all of the experimental data will have to be scraped and it may have to start again. They will have to work out how B.koehlerae has entered the experiment and on first thoughts it is believed that it may be due to the fleas which could have been infected with B. koehlerae before the experiment started.  

Our adventures

This week we did a Segway tour of Raleigh as we thought it would be the perfect way to see the sights of the city and downtown area. We took an hour tour which took us down the main street, to the governors’ mansion and to other important areas of the city. On the same day, Bugfest was going on in the city. This is a celebration of bugs and there is even a bug cafe which serves chocolate coated crickets and mealworms in sauce. Me and Jade did not try any of the things as it didn’t look like the most pleasant thing in the world. However, we did get a funnel cake, basically a giant sugary doughnut!! Sparkfest was also going on in downtown and this is a celebration of the arts, people were doing chalk drawings on the street and there was various music and dancing happening down the main street it was a really good atmosphere although trying to dodge all the people and artwork whilst on a Segway was difficult to say the least.

On Sunday we decided to go to the cheesecake factory for one last time before we left. We decided that we would just have cheesecake this time as in previous occasions we have had other food and been too full for cheesecake even if we have only shared a starter!! We even got a piece to take home for the next day so we could try as many flavours as possible!!

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