More Western blots this week, and still no success!!! All of this lack of success has highlighted how much work and patience goes into every aspect of a given research project.  Even though the Westerns have not woirk, the work is still incredibly interesting; it’s just a shame that recently there has been such a lack of success!! I was talking to one of the people in my lab today and she said that each Western blot costs about $200 which is a huge amount considering how many I have done!!!  It took someone in my lab three months to perfect a Tryptase Western which I repeated a few weeks ago.

In addition to the blots, which I have done for most of the week, I have been down to the necropsy room.  The necropsy room is where all the animal post mortems are done.  Watching these was fascinating, especially as I want to be a veterinary pathologist.

Early this week I also finished my cell counts- finally! I can start analysing the data next week.

Outside the lab:

This week has been pretty eventful! There was an earthquake in Virginia, which is 3 hours from here, but we felt it in Raleigh. I was sitting in the microscope room when I felt it, and it was a very odd sensation, I thought I was going insane. Hurricane Irene also hit North Carolina on Friday evening/Saturday, we are about two and a half hours from the coast which was hit hard, we just got lots of rain and winds heavy enough for blow over a few trees. It wasn’t as bad as it was forecast to be, we had a thunderstorm a few nights after the hurricane which bought heavier rain and threats of tornados.

On the Thursday before all this, we went to another Durham Bulls game, unfortunately they lost…again!!! The only two games they lost all season, and Bella and I saw them both, we figured we must be bad luck!! The second time we went, we even wore our Durham Bulls t-shirts! Again it was $1 concessions night, so we filled up on hotdogs and chips J

On Friday night we went to the Raleigh Little Theatre to see a musical called Ruthless. It was pretty weird, but still good. The theatre is tiny but the show was good. It is a spoof of musicals in general with songs and acting that are deliberately bad. We had a great evening!

On the Sunday after the hurricane the weather was amazing, so we went and explored Cameron Village some more, just to find that all the shops are boutiques and incredibly expensive, so that was a brief trip. However, we did have lunch at the Mexican restaurant again, which was delicious.

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