Getting GSA out into the business

The big wide world beckons….

It’s that time of year when every drama school graduate looks out into the business and wonders where that all-important first job is
going to come from.

We all know how acting students launch themselves; get headshots, get a website, find an agent, showcase, sort your Spotlight entry & Equity
name.  It’s a well-trodden path which drama schools have long-established ways of organising.

But how does your enthusiastic starry-eyed  production graduate take their first steps into what we all hope will be a successful
career?  Well some things are obvious.  Compile a convincing CV, maybe set up a website, join the industry organisation or union of your choice, all
of which offer opportunities for job hunting and networking.  And of course there are those time honoured routes into backstage work, such as handing in your CV at the stage door, calling that production manager that you met on your work placement, offering
to SM the show that group of acting graduates are taking to Edinburgh, and of course going to the pub with any professionals that you know.  These methods all have their advantages, but increasingly drama schools are taking a more structured route to gaining work.

The annual graduate exhibition or showcase is now a standard way of drama schools showcasing their graduates in areas of stage management,
design and scenic arts or technical theatre. GSA is no exception to this, and in fact we recognise that as we are not London based we sometimes need to work harder to ensure theatre employers are aware of what we do and the excellent training we offer.  This week sees our first production showcase in our new home, the Ivy Arts Centre.  On Thursday 24th May we will be welcoming employers, associate staff,
alumni  and friends to the Ivy to meet this year’s graduates from both the BA (Hons) and Diploma in Professional Production
Skills.  We will also be showing our visitors around the fantastic performance and rehearsal spaces that we have
here.  Hopefully a convivial atmosphere will be ensue with Pimms & nibbles on offer!

Our major focus in GSA production is aimed at getting our graduates into work in the entertainment industry, and the more we inter-act
with professionals already working out in the business.  We have a great track record in this area, but are always keen to do more to give our graduates the edge, and of course we hope that the production showcase will become a popular annual event.

If you haven’t had an invitation yet, I have posted it above!  Contact [email protected]
or [email protected]
if you’d like to come along.

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