Welcome to the GSA production blog

Who are we? 
The students and staff of the GSA production department: learning and teaching every aspect of production skills for live entertainment and creating and facilitating more than 20 productions each year.

What skills do we learn and teach?

Lighting, sound, AV, set design & construction, scenic art, prop making, costume design & construction, stage management, front of house management.

Where do our productions take place?

On the University of Surrey campus at the Ivy Arts Centre; in Guildford’s other theatres, the Electric, The Yvonne Arnaud & the Mill Studio; as well as on tour locally and nationally and London showcases at the Criterion Theatre in the West End.

What sort of shows do we do?

All sorts!  This year, everything from Macbeth to the Hot Mikado, Pornography to The Producers, Spring Awakening to Sweet Charity

What is this blog for?

To keep all informed about our courses, productions, projects and graduates.  We hope it will be read by current students and staff of both GSA & the wider university; our graduates and many friends in the business; prospective students thinking of entering the world of ‘backstage’.

What makes us tick?

 We love theatre and all live entertainment; we believe in having fun at work & always getting the show on to the highest possible standards; we are good at being creative and finding solutions; we enjoy working with all our brilliant professional designers, directors and freelance associate staff; and we like tea, cakes & cricket.

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