Theatre = Teamwork

Whatever your work place or area of expertise, effective team work is something that is highly emphasised as a key employment skill.  You will usually find ‘effective
team working skills’ on the list of fundamental personal qualities in a
recruitment process, whatever the nature or level of the job.  So how can those skills be nurtured & developed in a HE level arts course, creating the sort of graduates that employers will be falling over themselves to recruit?

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Getting GSA out into the business

The big wide world beckons….

It’s that time of year when every drama school graduate looks out into the business and wonders where that all-important first job is
going to come from.

We all know how acting students launch themselves; get headshots, get a website, find an agent, showcase, sort your Spotlight entry & Equity
name.  It’s a well-trodden path which drama schools have long-established ways of organising.

But how does your enthusiastic starry-eyed  production graduate take their first steps into what we all hope will be a successful
career?  Continue reading

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Welcome to the GSA production blog

Who are we? 
The students and staff of the GSA production department: learning and teaching every aspect of production skills for live entertainment and creating and facilitating more than 20 productions each year.

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Hello world!

Welcome to University of Surrey blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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