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University of Surrey campus

Wonderful things happen here.

5 great reasons why the University of Surrey is the best place to study.

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Me and my sponsor

Why the University of Surrey? (For me!)

Jonny Tye is a Mechanical Engineering student and elite canoeist who combines training, competition and study thanks to the University of Surrey’s Sports Scholarship programme. In this first Green Room blogpost, he tells us why he chose to come to Surrey.

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Cooling the planet

Something to read while brushing my teeth…

I follow this bloke called Tim Minchin on Twitter (@timminchin), you might have heard of him… he plays the piano and sings songs that are occasionally amusing.  Mr Minchin tweeted an article about the arguments global warming sceptics use and how they are all basically just wrong*.  It’s a fairly standard internet rant to be [...]

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The Green Room

A little bit about us

At the University of Surrey we like new things. We like discovering new things. Making new things. Studying and debating new things. And sharing new things with new people. New is good. To us, new is the future. So to celebrate new, we’ve created The Green Room. A place for thoughts, ideas and discussion for [...]

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Enzymes and Substrates

Chemistry is launched on Twitter!

Hi… this is my first blog post so be gentle with me. Today I was asked to do some “social networking for the good of the Department”. This all sounded quite ominous – conjured up images one of those cringeworthy office parties where everyone has just worked out they have nothing in common and is [...]

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Coffeee with friends

Making New Friends

Does the thought of going to university fill you with dread? Will it be the first time away from home for a long period of time? You’ll be glad to know that most people will be in the same position as you when you arrive at Surrey. Those who aren’t, will hopefully be able to [...]

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RIP txt message?

RIP txt msg?

I’m not a gadget addict, but I am fascinated by the changes technology makes to the way people live their lives and interact with each other. That’s why I listen to The Guardian’s ‘Tech Weekly’ podcast. (Host Aleks Krotoski did her PhD at Surrey, by the way.) Catching up on a few episodes recently, I heard them discussing an [...]

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