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First-year PhD: a day in the life

It’s hard to anticipate what PhD life is like until you get there. Before starting I read about the PhD process and chatted to people I knew who were in the middle of their own doctoral studies, and in doing that I got some sense of what to expect. You have milestones like your first-year [...]

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(Great) Expectations

A good friend of mine, we’ll call him Dr C, has recently been through the ordeal which is the final PhD examination. After preparing an inch-thick volume of technical prose, filled with every conclusion reached in almost four years of research, every PhD student has to face a grilling by an examiner who is an [...]

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Is Surrey’s lake a stress-buster?

In March 2011 I was interviewed in front of a PhD funding panel made up of five staff members from the University’s School of Psychology. I had to give a short presentation self-critiquing my research proposal, and then take questions afterwards. My proposal described how I would explore whether auditory aspects of the natural environment can [...]

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