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Who would have thought that during my placement year I would make it into the Daily Telegraph too!

The Royal Household Placement Experience

My name is Alex Wilson and I am an undergrad student studying International Hospitality Management. I am currently in my final year of studies, and last year I took the opportunity to go out on a Professional Training placement year which took me on a journey that I still can’t believe! After many applications, assessment [...]

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IBM's Hursley House

Tasty Working – A day in the life of an IBMer

Fancy working here for a year? With a placement at IBM, you just might! IBM technology is all around us. From ATMs to Playstations, we cannot escape the fact that one of the largest companies in the world has had an impact on our lives. But what is it like to work for such a [...]

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My story so far

For my first blog post, I thought I would begin by telling you about some of the highlights of my first year and a half as a Business Management student at Surrey. Since coming to Surrey I have had opportunities thrown at me from all directions. Last Easter I found myself staying in a five [...]

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Language study tv desk

From My Corner of the World

Here’s my favourite spot in the new Library & Learning Centre – the language study area. This bright corner of the Library might not look particularly exciting, but to me it’s a way to transport yourself to another part of the world for half an hour or so. When I was a student studying modern [...]

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