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Me and my sponsor

Why the University of Surrey? (For me!)

Jonny Tye is a Mechanical Engineering student and elite canoeist who combines training, competition and study thanks to the University of Surrey’s Sports Scholarship programme. In this first Green Room blogpost, he tells us why he chose to come to Surrey.

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punch it

Confidence is key

Okay so you know what course I do, and the fact that I love boxing. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing about a lot more than that in my blog and, considering this is my first post, I best explain what you can expect from me. At the Boxing Club, we train at  Surrey Sports Park [...]

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Surrey Sports Park

Welcome to the first Surrey Sports Park blog!

Where do I start? Surrey Sports Park is a £36 million sports facility located on Surrey’s Manor Park campus. But it’s so much more than just a sports centre – that just doesn’t do it justice. I graduated from Surrey in summer 2011, so I was lucky enough to be able to use Surrey Sports Park [...]

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My story so far

For my first blog post, I thought I would begin by telling you about some of the highlights of my first year and a half as a Business Management student at Surrey. Since coming to Surrey I have had opportunities thrown at me from all directions. Last Easter I found myself staying in a five [...]

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Christmas tree

Going home for Christmas

As soon as the last lecture finished on Friday evening, I quickly packed my suitcase and was at Heathrow airport before I knew it. I was so excited I couldn’t think about anything except the fact that I would be home in five hours, but as I fell asleep as soon as the plane took [...]

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