About me

My name is Dr Julia Percival and I’m a tutor of physical chemistry in the Chemistry Department at Surrey. I did my PhD in solid state chemistry, making new materials for lithium batteries and I now work on that and novel luminescent materials. Topics I’m interested in include crystalline materials, nano-materials, novel synthesis routes and educational research – or in other words, sparkly things, tiny things, making new sparkly tiny things and teaching other people to make sparkly tiny things. I teach physical chemistry, some bio-inorganic and communications modules. I also do quite a bit of chemistry outreach which is really just a good excuse to play with liquid nitrogen!

My posts

Cooling the planet

Something to read while brushing my teeth…

I follow this bloke called Tim Minchin on Twitter (@timminchin), you might have heard of him… he plays the piano and sings songs that are occasionally amusing.  Mr Minchin tweeted an article about the arguments global warming sceptics use and how they are all basically just wrong*.  It’s a fairly standard internet rant to be [...]

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If in doubt, make something amusing!

You know how “funny” emails can get sent around an office despite the usual company policy of “If it’s funny don’t forward it – someone will get upset and we will get sued”.  These emails are usually either faintly offensive or contain many photo-shopped pictures of kittens.  Once you have seen one kitten in a [...]

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Enzymes and Substrates

Chemistry is launched on Twitter!

Hi… this is my first blog post so be gentle with me. Today I was asked to do some “social networking for the good of the Department”. This all sounded quite ominous – conjured up images one of those cringeworthy office parties where everyone has just worked out they have nothing in common and is [...]

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