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University of Surrey campus

Wonderful things happen here.

5 great reasons why the University of Surrey is the best place to study.

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Andy Land

My dubstep symphony

Final year Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister) student, Andy Land, tells The Green Room about his re-working of Magnetic Man’s track, Crossover – featuring The University of Surrey Orchestra! I WASN’T MUCH OF an electronic music fan till about a year ago when I heard that Nero had done their Dubstep Symphony with the BBC [...]

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The Green Room

A little bit about us

At the University of Surrey we like new things. We like discovering new things. Making new things. Studying and debating new things. And sharing new things with new people. New is good. To us, new is the future. So to celebrate new, we’ve created The Green Room. A place for thoughts, ideas and discussion for [...]

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