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I'm a composer, guitarist and sound artist from London, England and a Lecturer in Music - and PhD Graduate - of the University of Surrey. I adore a wide range of styles, digital technology, jazz improvisation, the science of sound and music perception and have collaborated with diverse artists, scientists and institutions including John Williams, Brian Eno, Paco Peña, Pat Martino, Tod Machover, Michael Nyman, Apple, Royal Academy of Music, British Library, Smithsonian Institute, South Bank Festival and the Science Museum. My music is performed and broadcast internationally appearing in films, TV, radio, podcasts, planetaria, galleries and museums. I lecture and present at international conferences, have a PhD in electronic composition, a BMus from the Berklee College of Music, a BSc from the London School of Economics and am currently Professor of Guitar at the Royal College of Music. I've won awards for education, composition, services to cancer charities and writing but am essentially very lazy.

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Splitting Accidentals

A dozen of one, or not.

It’s tempting to think that it’s only the domain of modernist composers, theorists and ethnomusicologists to talk of anything but 12 notes in an octave. After all if it was good enough for Mozart and Beethoven it should be good for everyone, right? Well, as it happens, Mozart and Beethoven understood F# and G-flat as [...]

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