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Hello! I’m Hollie, a Literature and Creative writing student at the University of Surrey and an aspiring culture journalist. I am the Deputy Editor at the student newspaper, The Stag and I’m here to show you all the wonders of Guildford fashion. I’ll be stalking the best dressed students around campus and showcasing their looks on here because style often says a lot about a person and it will be nice to see what kind of people you go to Uni with next year! I hope you enjoy it, I’d love to hear from you - I have been in Surrey for four years now so I’m pretty in tune with what’s going on! xx

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If you love to shop…

When I first came to Surrey I was overwhelmed with a desire to spend the entirety of my loan on the pretty shoes in Carvela.  However, you would expect this from someone who grew up on a small island and had to catch a plane to go shopping. My housemates were less enthusiastic about Guildford [...]

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