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Media Assistant at Surrey Sports Park and University of Surrey Graduate (BSc Tourism Management, 2011). Former Communications Officer at the University of Surrey Students' Union.

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Victory for Team Surrey

We’re Surrey and we know it!

Every year Surrey Sports Park hosts a massive student sport event called the Varsity Games. Team Surrey take on the Kingston Cougars, from the University of Kingston, in a range of different sports and the winner is crowned the Varsity champions. This year Kingston came down to Guildford with a point to prove. Team Surrey [...]

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Go Team Surrey!

Regardless of whether you love sport, hate sport or just couldn’t care less, at the University of Surrey you’ll know all about Team Surrey. You will find it around campus, you will see people wearing hoodies and tracksuits bearing its logo, you will read about it on Facebook and Twitter, you will hear people talking [...]

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Surrey Sports Park

Welcome to the first Surrey Sports Park blog!

Where do I start? Surrey Sports Park is a £36 million sports facility located on Surrey’s Manor Park campus. But it’s so much more than just a sports centre – that just doesn’t do it justice. I graduated from Surrey in summer 2011, so I was lucky enough to be able to use Surrey Sports Park [...]

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