Veterinary Biosciences


Hi guys! Hope you are all well.

I am a Veterinary Biosciences (VBS) student here at Surrey, and this is my first blog.

We are now three weeks into our second semester and things are already on the go! We have started all of our new modules, and with that comes unfamiliar information, new deadlines and yet more exam information.

However, it’s not all bad! With a new semester comes new knowledge and the emergence of interests you didn’t even know you had.

With the diversity of a course such as Veterinary Biosciences, our knowledge base is ever expanding and the opportunities open to us are increasing all the time. When I tell people I am doing Veterinary Biosciences they automatically assume I’m going to be a vet, which admittedly I end up going along with as sometimes it’s hard to explain what we actually do. My dream is to one day become a vet, like most people on the course. VBS is a great grounding for a well rounded knowledge of many disciplines within scientific research. While you do not get huge amounts of animal experience, the course equips you for a lab-based career, whether that be in a diagnostic or research lab. Modules such as Animal Anatomy, in the first year, and Animal Nutrition, in the second year, give you a basic knowledge of the veterinary side of things, and the practical modules equip you with all the skills you need!

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