This is an interesting moment in our journey of Dancing the Invisible. As Susie and I commented at our July meeting – although we delivered the (first) performance element in May, the project research is far from over.  Keen to develop knowledge, experience and skills in improvisation I’ve just participated in ContactFestivalDartington … Continue reading »

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A chance meeting with fellow dance practitioner Nicholas Minns the other weekend revealed that not only had he seen our performance at the Ivy Arts Centre in May, but that he had written about it.  Nicholas began his blog Writing about dance in the spring to provide a space to write at greater length in response to current performances and events.  As well as offering critical evaluation, his detailed description aims to capture the fleeting and ephemeral and bring it to life for those who could not witness it live.  Nicholas’ full account of Dancing the Invisible – Late Work at the Ivy Arts Centre can be found here:


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Susie and Jennifer in Late Work






Hot afternoon in July – but we’ve been in the dark … viewing the performance footage and the first rough edit.

Leading up to performance required an intensity of focus – other things have intervened since then. So we come at this with some distance.

We have another performance of Late Work in November so process of refining begins…One of our strategies is to resume regular blogging – to both reflect and look forward.

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We are here – the blog has been like a ghost for the pass two weeks; there as a constant not always comfortable presence – but not in a material sense! Reflection has been ploughed straight back into the process of bringing our work to a place of performance as research. Each day has been intensely concentrated Continue reading »

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Monday – Ann, Deborah, Susie and Jennifer working on the Bach joined by Dave, production manager, Malcolm designer, Martha, maker.

This is an important day regarding decisions about the structure of the whole evening. We start by warming up together – the equivalent of ballet class Continue reading »

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Reflecting on work in progress on Saturday:

We had an audience of 35 and mix of ages.  We had allowed ample time for but the pressure to set up etc meant we sketched some parts.

So the experience of feeling the structures and narratives of the material itself to emerge in front of an audience was real. Continue reading »

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Here are details about this evening’s work in progress – do come if you are in the area.

6.30-8.30pm Saturday 14th April 2012

United Reformed Church Hall, Banbury Road,

Oxford OX2 7HN

Oxford artists Susie Crow of Ballet in Small Spaces and musician composer Malcolm Atkins of Oxford Improvisers and Jennifer Jackson in extracts of the work in progress.  Please join us for this informal showing – old or young, your thoughts and feedback will be very welcome!

Entry charge of £5

Refreshments available for a donation.

Doors open from 6.00pm

Susie and Jennifer rehearsal photo shoot

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Jumping forward a few days –

Susie and I met yesterday to refine material that we will present today at the United Reformed Church Hall – a venue that she has used for informal dance presentation in north Oxford. Our experiment with Malcolm and Andrew on Tuesday with structures for our improvisation informs our plan. We’ll present a mix of personal dance reflections and formal exploration in a short programme:

Signature –  Sleeping Beauties – Pulse – Fragmentation – Haiku  - Rhythm and Melody

Reflections on how the physical body is coping! I manage a 30 year old injury to my hip … and whilst we worked long hours last week an underlying anxiety – anticipating the physical fall out from pushing my body too far – is answered so far by a feeling of re-generation rather than stiffness and pain.

Am I dancing in a different way now that I am older?  And if so how? If dancing keeps you ‘young’ – how does this happen? Dancing now I am older ‘feels’ good … it helps realise the potential in the body for re-generation. Movement implies change of some description – I observe the way that moving the body can generate a sense of physical harmony that affects the mind/mood and whole being. The body will naturally want to find its centre of gravity and dancing plays with that  – alignment and change of weight resolved around the centre.  If the conditions are right – the dancing happens.

But does the stress of ‘performance’ induce a different set of body/mind responses?  My objective then today –  to explore the older dancing and performer self.

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Day 3:  Jennifer, Susie, Ann Dickie and Malcolm McInnes

Malcolm sets us a task to devise a short sequence in response to one of the pieces of fabric he has shown us, for what it evokes from our pasts, for its sensuous and movement qualities and for its potential – where does it suggest we might go?  Continue reading »

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Day 2:  Jennifer, Susie, Malcolm Atkins and Andrew

Our first improvisation morphed magically out of our individual development of centre work following the barre, practising technical elements and remembered movement phrases, while the musicians Malcolm and Andrew continued exploring the instrumental set-up and getting used to working together.  Continue reading »

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