Jack Holland

21 Oct 2011

Yesterday, Colonel Gaddafi was killed in his final stronghold of Sirte.  Details of his death have been confused, with initial claims of his capture slowly being replaced by suggestions that rebels had shot him in the head, and later reports of his demise in the crossfire of battle.  What is known is that Gaddafi’s final moments before capture were spent in a location and manner to which he would certainly not have been accustomed: ‘cowering’ inside an ‘irrigation’ channel. Continue reading »

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The shooting of Osama Bin Laden, President Obama’s latest foreign policy speech, and the looming drawdown of American forces in Afghanistan all point towards a welcome possibility: the sun may soon set on the War on Terror.  This could be Obama’s 9/11 moment: the twilight of an ending era, followed by a slow dawn.  And as Obama is acutely aware, America’s tomorrow is still to be written. Continue reading »

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The death of Osama bin Laden is far more important for the United States than it is for Islamic terrorism.  While the shooting of Al Qaeda’s leader will certainly damage the morale of would-be jihadists around the world, the most significant impact will be at home. Continue reading »

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