Hi…this is my first blog post so be gentle with me.  Today I was asked to do some “social networking for the good of the department”.  This all sounded quite ominous – conjured up images one of those cringe-worthy office parties where everyone has just worked out they have nothing in common and is studying the cracks in the ceiling to avoid starting a conversation.  Fortunately it turns out that we have just got a Twitter account…phew, no soggy canapés for me!  Follow us at @SurreyChemistry.

This is hot news in chemistry, I have my own Twitter account (@JuliaPercival if you are interested) and I tweet from that occasionally, I mostly use it for following other interesting people.  We haven’t had a collective account before so this concept is completely new to us and could prove very interesting!

We had two options for tweeting….either I get the username and password myself and use the Twitter app on my phone or do it on my PC….or I can pass twitter-worthy news to Dr Pounds for him to put up.  I’m not sure he knew what he was letting himself in for when he agreed to this – all day he has been inundated with “can we put this on Twitter?…..” Who knew the chemistry academics could be so vocal!

Which brings me to the ultimate question….what do I tweet about? On my own Twitter account that is easy, I can talk about anything I like…but on here, I represent the department – the wrath of the university could come down on me if I did something inappropriate! Decisions decisions!

I found several amusing things online that on careful consideration I decided were not really appropriate for our Twitter, so the search is now on for cool chemistry stuff that means I can tweet lots at work and not get into trouble!  It turns out this is actually a lot of fun and there are some seriously creative people out there.  Here is a link to something made by our very own Dr Anna Tanczos…

If you have a cool chemistry thing you want to shout about, let me know and I will do some shouting on your behalf.  It needs to be clean (obviously!) and not defamatory (also obvious?) and preferably your own work but I am open to all suggestions.  Anything goes as long as it fits into 140 characters and doesn’t get me fired!

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